Wedding Magician Wales
Wedding Magician Wales
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Over the last few years there has been a significant change in the need for a Magician in the evening of a wedding. As an additional cost it’s becoming harder to justify the need. Over the last few years the amount of other services has exploded with casino tables, photo booths, magic mirrors, race car simulators and wedding bands all becoming more and more prevalent.

   This has become more noticeable with the numbers of guests around each table diminishing. It has become the norm that 50% of guests are not around the tables as they are engaged in other activities. This has become so much of an issue that I no longer encourage this option for my clients. Typically magicians who work and perform magic as a second job promote the evening as this is when they are available.

   The solution is simple daytime hire. Using a magician in the day provides a valuable, tangible service. Providing reactions for photographers to capture, breaking the ice providing the perfect introductory service between guests. Or performing table magic through the wedding breakfast. This option is perfect for creating a fun and unforgettable environment for your guests. The final solution is to perform after the speeches, this transition time can be a huge challenge to keep guests engaged through your celebration. This is particularly prevalent if you have an early ceremony or in a venue with no guest accommodation. 

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