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Magician, Trainer and Speaker

Welcome to my website. So a bit about me then. I started magic at an early age, well before it was fashionable. It was a classic start into magic with a Paul Daniels Magic set. This continued into my teens where magic was no longer cool. At 18 I joined the RAF and begun a long career with lots of spare time away from home. It was this spare time that took me back to the love of learning and performing magic for friends and family.#

In 1995 while watching the first David Blaine TV special the bug really took over. The thirst for new magic took over with a constant buying and practicing regime. My first performances took me to Sgt’s and Officers Mess functions across the UK, as word throughout my network got out and continued to build to the point of performing at over 100 events a year while juggling a full time forces job. In 2009 I left the RAF and became a full time Magician based from Cardiff. In 2009 I travelled to Las Vegas to attend some training from world champion Jeff McBride, helping me work on a new style of my magic. I was invited to the 40th anniversary evening of the Las Vegas Magic Club, meeting a lot of my magical heroes.

Time moved on and now I perform at over 300 events a year. Anything from christenings to wakes. All the magic I perform is tailored to each event, even the playing cards are bespoke to each event. No trick cards no gimmicks just great magic and reactions. (Please see Gallery).


In 2018 I decided to partner up and also Co Own The Small Space Theatre, The worlds smallest magic theatre based in Barry, South Wales. Our goal was to highlight the best magicians and bring them to Wales.  I sold it to my business partner in January 2020.


For larger events I also own a company that specialises in corporate promotional magic,  Encounter Magic. This specialises in supplying branded magic and multiple magicians for larger events. . Providing multiple magicians for events across Cardiff , Wales, London and the UK. 

So if you are looking for a magician in Cardiff, Swansea, Bridgend, Newport,Wales, London, UK or internationally? Why not consider this full time magician. And just remember, I have signed the official secrets act and am a magician, so if it is a secret or surprise event you know I won't tell anyone.

"Outstanding Entertainment"

Heston Bluminthall

Bryan Gunton Magician
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