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After dinner and before an auction, raffle or between the band or disco, our experienced magicians can offer a 20/30/40 minute magic and mind reading  cabaret. By giving your guests the chance to watch (and some to take part in) a fun World-Class magic cabaret, you can again heighten the fun, laughter and engagement of an event audience. Usually performing with a lapel or headset microphone, our cabaret magicians are able to involve willing guests in some highly entertaining World-Class Magic routines.


"A great addition to the day. Bryan's magic was fantastic and guests are still commenting on how good he was."

"All the wedding guests loved him! Not only amazing tricks but a great personality and witty guy. Thanks again Bryan."


"Could not recommend Bryan enough. Absolutely incredible tricks, still got me thinking. How on earth did he do that?"

"The best money I've ever spent on entertainment. The guests were either mesmerised, confused or in fits of laughter. Couldn't recommend him more highly"

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