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Occupying an area of up to four square metres, the Encounter Magic Bar is an incredible branded focal point for any event. With a three metre semi circular illuminated curved bar along with a wrap around fully brand-able two and a half metre high rear wall with lighting and large flat-screen television, the physical impact is impressive.



Typically working in 10 minute rotating sets, our experienced multiple magicians perform classic sleight of hand and mind-reading magic routines from behind the bar to the ever changing walk-up crowd. This brand new approach to entertaining guests is perfect for those larger events where a sponsor or host wants to maximise brand impact and guest engagement. 


Conceived to combine the fun of a casino table, the involvment of a photobooth all wrapped up with the group engagement of a Magic Show, the Encounter Bar is unique in the world of corporate entertainment. Our magicians take turns in standing behind the bar to perform to gathered guests. With sleight of hand, Mind-Reading and bar bets, the laughs, gasps and applause with this highly engaging original corporate entertainment concept, but it  doesn’t stop there. Reactions are captured and the  images are simultaneously transfered onto the largeTV screen.  behind the performers.

The really clever bit is when the photos appear on the screen they can be digitally branded with a sponsor credit or event logo. The photos can also be made available to download by the guests from a website  the event and can also be provided to the event organiser or sponsor. The power of someone seeing thier own excited  gasping image on a large screen can’t be underestimated, couple that with a sponsor creditor event logo stamped onto the image  as well and  -                                 


This Sponsor / Event = This Reaction

If you wish to make more of this feature then there is an option to have a professional photographer taking photos which can be printed out for guests to take away. It’s easy to see the appeal for this photographic element, just remember the money theme parks all over the world have invested in this  ‘reaction photo’ when it comes to rides.  This togetherwith the sponsor or events branding on the image and that’s ‘Encounter Magic’. Unique corporate entertainment with maximum client engagement.


" The feedback that I've had back from the guests is that you completely blew them away. Everyone has commented how amazing you were. I wanted to thank you for making our evening that little bit more special and for doing a fab job at entertaining our family and friends. "

"I just wanted to say another thank you for a wonderful evening last night. The entertainment was brilliant and everyone was talking how good it was after you left (as well as still trying to work out how you did the tricks!!"


"The best money I've ever spent on entertainment. The guests were either mesmerised, confused or in fits of laughter. Couldn't recommend him more highly"

"I would like to thank you for making are wadding day that extra special with your presence.
All are family and friends that we have spoken to since the big day have all said the highlight of their evening was your entertainment and for that we are so grateful."

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