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Exhibiting at a trade show can cost tens of thousands of pounds, and with ever increasing pressures on budgets, it is important to achieve maximum impact.  Having Encounter Magic on your stand ensures that you will stand out from your competition.  Increasing the footfall across your stand we will involve the delegate in our presentations, and make sure that nobody walks by without noticing you!

We understand the trade show environment and are able to stop and gather crowds while simultaneously delivering a seamless, customized presentation about your company and products.  Prior to the exhibition, we will work with you to develop a unique presentation incorporating your company and products, thus becoming a valuable extension to your team for the duration of the show.  This allows the sales staff to do their job without the interruption of crowd pulling.

Our magicians are not only skilled in drawing a crowd to your stand, but also in delivering a targeted sales message in an entertaining and memorable way.  


Using Encounter Magic on your exhibition stand will help to:

  • Increase the footfall of visitors to your stand

  • Deliver a targeted sales message

  • Communicate USP's and key product information

  • Qualify sales leads

  • Raise company and product awareness

  • Have your company remembered long after the show is over

  • Improve your return on investment


iphone bry 003 (2).JPG

"A great addition to the day. Bryan's magic was fantastic and guests are still commenting on how good he was."

Technology Expo

"All the wedding guests loved him! Not only amazing tricks but a great personality and witty guy. Thanks again Bryan."

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"Could not recommend Bryan enough. Absolutely incredible tricks, still got me thinking. How on earth did he do that?"


"The best money I've ever spent on entertainment. The guests were either mesmerised, confused or in fits of laughter. Couldn't recommend him more highly"

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